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SEO (Search Engine Optimization )

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Let a Mad Monkey agent help you optimize your SEO strategy so that your brand can get the visibility that it needs without having to use any ad spent dollars.

Getting moved up on a Google search is no small feat, first we have to create optimized keywords, use some third party platforms and create clear, rich content, so that the user can easily find your brand; then we have to write this content in a way that Google can understand it best. In other words you must be proficient in organizing your content so that it is optimized for both search engines and the all interested parties searching.

SEO works through a predefined algorithm, let our trained professionals, with years of experience, share with you their most popular strategies. You can count on a Mad Monkey to constantly research, and stay active and updated on the latest SEO trends.

Get the high Google ranking your brand needs without having to use ad spent dollars. By utilizing different social media platforms, proficiently prepared blogs, and a variety of backlinks. We create landing pages filled with rich and valuable content. We can make your brand the dominant domain for all search engines. We will show you how to create a long dwell rate per user. Remember the longer a user stays on your domain after their initial click the more relevant search engines will consider your domain. Meaning that when a user clicks on your domain and stay in it, that time will be registered with each search engine, giving your brand a positive view per click score. Getting you a better SEO standing will get you recognized.
Mad Monkey will analyze , monitor, and implement new SEO strategies, all while providing monthly or bi monthly reports.

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