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Our Custom Tear Cards

Engage customers with Tear Cards that feature a perforated section that can be torn and kept. Include a tear-away business card, coupon, or customer loyalty card to emphasize your marketing message.


UV (High Gloss) Tear Cards

High Gloss Tear Cards feature a our shiniest finish for standout marketing.

14pt + UV (High Gloss)


Matte Tear Cards

Boasting a smooth finish, Matte Tear Cards flatter every design at an affordable price.

14pt Matte Finish

Specialty Tear Cards

Specialty Tear Cards

For distinctive paper texture, Environmentally-Friendly Tear Cards are printed on uncoated, 100% recycled paper stock.

13pt Enviro Uncoated

Add Value to Your Business

While the long layout of custom Tear Cards allows you to create a design similar to standard Flyers, the tear-away section is especially memorable. In order to prompt customers to hang onto your information, include a business card or special offer in the perforated tear-away section. Alternatively, choose our Environmentally-Friendly Tear Cards for a writable surface; businesses that offer a service, such as mechanics, electricians and plumbers, can use their personalized Tear Cards as an invoice. The tear-away portion can be a coupon or an appointment card.

Target Businesses

Businesses Who Use Custom Tear Cards Are:

Local Small Businesses

Retail Stores

Real Estate Professionals

Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Electricians, Mechanics and Others Offering a Service

Best Practices

Before beginning to design your personalized Tear Cards, you should pinpoint your main marketing message. The tear-away section should stand out to entice customers to keep it. For tear-away business cards, you can simply transfer your existing business card design with careful attention paid to sizing. In fact, Tear Card printing is offered in three popular sizes that suit designs from every industry.

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