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Our Custom Envelopes

Send business correspondents in a branded, professional way with wholesale Envelope printing. Custom Envelopes allow you to print their company logos, slogans, and return addresses.


Uncoated Envelopes

Uncoated Envelopes come in three varieties to accommodate any need for convenient and secure mailing.
60lb Uncoated
Self-Adhesive 60lb Uncoated
Security 60lb Uncoated

Add Value to Your Business

Standard 60lb Uncoated Envelopes for affordable Envelope printing. For businesses who would prefer convenience, opt for Self-Adhesive Envelopes which allow for quick sealing. Finally, businesses that mail out sensitive information, such as invoices and contracts, should print Security Envelopes. Our Security Envelopes feature a tint inside that ensures documents stay confidential. You may wish to print any combination of the three options to suit their diverse needs. Most importantly, custom printed Envelopes with a company logo prompts brand recognition and reinforces professionalism.

Target Businesses

Businesses Who Use Custom Envelopes Are:

Lawyers and Law Offices

Bankers, Financial Advisors and Mortgage Brokers

Real Estate Professionals

Home Repair and Home Maintenance Companies

Car Repair Shops

Best Practices

Since recipients judge an Envelope before opening it, the look of an Envelope is as important as the documents inside. You printed Envelopes should have their company logo and return address. They may also wish to print their company slogan or a personal message to promote brand recognition. At MAD Monkey Media, our Envelopes are offered with or without windows to suit a variety of business needs. See our Envelope printing setup guide for more details.

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