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Our Custom Notepads

Strengthen your marketing efforts with personalized Custom Notepads. An affordable way to keep your brand top-of-mind, wholesale Notepad printing is a practical addition to marketing kits.


Uncoated Notepads

Offered in a variety of sizes, Notepads are practical marketing tools that promote brand recognition.
Double Sided Pull Up Banner 13oz Matte Vinyl

Add Value to Your Business

At MAD Monkey Media, our custom Notepads feature tear-away pages and a 14pt gloss backing. Businesses can give out custom Memo Pads to existing customers and potential clients as a small token of appreciation. Since Notepads are practical giveaways, recipients are very likely to continue using them at the office or at home. Every time potential or existing customers take notes, they will be reminded of your client’s brand. Best of all, our wholesale Memo Pads have tear-away pages that allow for easy note sharing which gives you further brand exposure.

Target Businesses

Businesses Who Use Custom Notepads Are:

Medical Offices and Dental Clinics

Banks and Mortgage Brokerages

Real Estate Professionals

Marketing Agencies

Trade Show Vendors

Best Practices

You can get creative with your personalized Notepad design, but ensure that the design includes ample writing space. Placing company details, such as the logo and contact information, into the top and bottom margins is common practice. Since custom Memo Pads can serve many different functions, choose the size that suits your customer base. For example, the long 5.5” x 8.5” shape are excellent for grocery lists. Alternatively, the 8.5” x 11” size are excellent giveaways at conferences as they are perfect for note taking.

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