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Chocolate Bar Boxes


The first indicator of how delicious your chocolate bar will be is the custom chocolate bar box it is contained in. Order custom chocolate bar boxes from MAD Monkey Printing to stand out from the competition!


  • Sized at L 2.2″ x W 6.12″ x D 0.74″.
  • Printed on 14pt to 18pt C1S White Cover- Semi-Gloss, Velvet, or Soft Touch.
  • Full color printing on the outside only!
  • Foil stamping and digital foil printing available.
  • Order 50 to 2,000, with a turnaround of 5-7 business days.


Are you a business that is in the market for quite a time but is unable to make an impact on the customers? Are you facing difficulties in making profits that you expected to make in no time? If you are a chocolate-selling brand facing these issues, you need first to ask yourself the following questions: Is my product quality the best it can be? Is my product packaging the best it can be?

If your product quality is the best, but you're still not achieving your goals, there are certainly some issues with your chocolate bars packaging which fall under your marketing strategies and require an immediate upgrade. There is no need to worry when MAD Monkey Printing is there to help. Our decades-old reliable services have helped many businesses pick up the pace with the fine printing of banners, business cards, flyers, hang tags, and much more. We also provide printing facilities for chocolate bar packaging.

You need to realize that it is not just how delicious and high quality the chocolate is, but also the chocolate box sleeves or chocolate assortment boxes. The chocolate candy is covered by the box. The customer's first glance will be at the chocolate bar packaging. If those chocolate boxes don't look good to them, they might not even buy or taste the chocolate inside. To get a jumpstart on ideas, you can check out our MAD Monkey Printing Blog post:  “What are Packaging Sleeves?”.

To bring you the finest custom chocolate bar packaging, we provide:

Size Options

Imagine you are a customer, you go to a shop and buy some large chocolate bar packaging only to find a bar of small chocolate hiding inside it. You will immediately feel the need to curse the seller and will certainly not buy their chocolate again, even if it enlightened your taste buds. This highlights the sheer importance of the size of the custom chocolate bar packaging. You need to make sure you prioritize selecting a packaging size that complements the size of the product within. Your chocolate bar packaging should also be fully accommodating to all the tempting phrases and necessary information you have printed on it. Get the box that's right for you, whether you're making sales of funny, illustrated, luxury, or authentic truffles, candy bars, or even handmade treats, MAD Monkey Printing has what you need.

The standard size provided for custom chocolate bar packaging at MAD Monkey Printing is 2.2" x 6.12" x 0.74". We are also welcoming to any custom size you come up with on your own, just send us a request for a custom quote and we'll be happy to work with you.

Choices in Paper

It is understood that chocolate bar packaging for chocolate bar wholesale cannot be created out of soft and flaky paper. A box needs to withstand the pressure of the product inside it, so it needs to be hard enough. If it easily gets damaged, it is never worth spending money on. We take the paper quality for the chocolate bar boxes very seriously. The paper types provided at MAD Monkey Printing are vary widely and include:

  • 14pt C1S White Cover - Semi-Gloss

  • 14pt C1S White Cover - Velvet

  • 14pt C1S White Cover - Soft Touch

  • 16pt C1S White Cover - Semi-Gloss

  • 16pt C1S White Cover - Velvet

  • 16pt C1S White Cover - Soft Touch

  • 18pt C1S White Cover - Semi Gloss

  • 18pt C1S White Cover – Velvet

  • 18pt C1S White Cover - Soft Touch

All of these paper types are brilliant in their own ways and can cater to many different types of businesses.

Color Options

If you are selling a bar of brown chocolate in white packaging, you must realize why you fail to make profits. The color of your custom chocolate bar box packaging plays a very important role because it speaks for your business as well as for your product. It should therefore be coordinated to maximize the effectiveness of your chocolate bar packaging designs.

You should also be careful while choosing the font color. If your base color is dark, make sure to use a lighter font color and vice versa.

You are offered full-color printing on the front of your chocolate packaging boxes at MAD Monkey Printing. You are allowed to choose any color in the spectrum because our perfect blend of primary colors can produce all of them.

Offered Specialties

If there is some room, it is never harmful to decorate your chocolate bar boxes further. You can go for chocolate bar packaging with a flap or chocolate bar packaging with a window. There are many other ways you can customize your chocolate bar packaging. You will just have to request a custom quote to get them for your boxes.

 Listed below are some of our offered specialties:

1. Soft Touch Coating

Soft-touch coating provides a velvety texture to your product. It makes the product look incredibly beautiful that the customers feel the urge to repeatedly touch it. To prevent the product from getting damaged from the fingerprints, the coating also provides a fingerprint-resistant barrier. You can get your chocolate bar boxes coated with this to add to their attractive appeal.

2. White Ink Printing

To add to your product's uniqueness, you can choose white ink printing instead of the very common black ink printing. All of your approved information will be printed with white ink, and we promise you a very calming final look.

3. Foil Stamping

A colored and shiny aluminum foil is pasted on the packaging with the help of heat in this technique. The glimmer of the foil makes your packaging a lot more appealing. You can choose the color of your choice from our Foil Color Chart based on your product color and brand.

We have many more specialties as well. They include embossing, debossing, die-cutting, and more. You can get any of them without the fear that they will take away from your product's simplistic nature.

We have many types of packing boxes as well.  Check out our candle boxesface cream boxeslipstick boxes, or soap boxes according to what you need. You do not have to be a chocolate-selling brand to avail of our cost-effective and reliable services.


With so many options and customizations to choose from here at MAD Monkey Printing, sometimes you'll find yourself in a mad dash to figure out where to put all your ideas. With our free to customers templates for chocolate bar packaging, you'll be able to jumpstart the process in a well organized and enjoyable manner. Simply download the template on the product page, or browse all of our available templates to find one that works for you. From here all you need to do is choose where different elements, like your product name, information, brand logo, and more go and you'll be all set to order your chocolate bar packaging today!

Quantity & Turnaround

So when will you actually be getting all the chocolate bar packaging you ordered? We are happy to offer the standard turnaround of 5-7 business days with orders ranging from 50 to 2000 or more items at a time! Of course if you need a rush order or are interested in buying in bulk we'd be more than happy to work with you to figure out an arrangement to get you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. All you need to do is contact us and we'll get you started on making the most of your experience with MAD Monkey Printing! So order today and get that chocolate bar packaging to your doorstep as soon as possible!


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