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Automate Your Business and enjoy Spring Break

Tired of being married to your business and having no social life? Don’t worry we got your back.  Even if you have no coding skills, you can quickly build, style, and embed your online forms. You can also set conditional behaviors and automate tasks without code. Every step is simple and logical. We will show you how to automate your business and enjoy Spring Break. 

Marketing automation is everywhere in your inbox. It’s the “sorry we missed you” email from a salesperson who just left you a voicemail. Or the Facebook business that answers “How can we assist you today”. This prevents business owners from losing their customers if they can’t answer in a couple of minutes. 


Across any type of business, more than 80% use this automated process. Not only big corporations use this system. Also, small companies use this to help them maintain communication with their clients. 

Having an automated business does not mean ignoring customers for days. It gives you time for you or your salespersons to contact any potential clients. With automation software, you can set up an internal form to be used when people call your mainline. Enter the client’s contact information, along with any relevant notes, before using a drop-down menu to assign a sales representative to follow up. The form alerts the sales rep to contact the new lead. Meanwhile, the software sends an automated introduction email from that sales rep to the potential customer.

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Automation software sets your priorities by ranking each lead based on his or her engagement with your marketing efforts. Thanks to this lead scoring, you can focus on the potential clients who are ready to buy over those who need more time. By identifying leads based on their level of interest, you can better anticipate their needs and target them with messages tailored to their current mindset.

When the introduction email is sent 5 minutes after the form is completed, it appears that the sales representative sprung into action after learning of the potential client’s call. Your lead will be impressed by your customer service before the sales rep even starts working.

Why is all of this so important? Well first of all because we want the best for your business needs and second, you can actually have a life especially right now that Spring Break is around the corner. We want you to enjoy yourself and let the automated messages and your salespeople do your work!

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