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Brand Your Team using Embroidery Printing

Brand your team using embroidery printing. Brand promotion and awareness is a key initiatives for any business so why not invest wisely? Brand awareness can be achieved through a variety of strategies such as embroidery. There are many benefits to branding your business with embroidery and it is not difficult to execute either.


Embroidery printing is literally everywhere we turn! It looks so neat and presentable in every company by having a uniform or any product with this technique. 

Regardless of the industry, you work in it is very important to have uniforms to elevate your business prestige. When you spend the money on apparel with quality embroidery, as opposed to apparel with a cheap printed logo, you are essentially investing in another channel of marketing. It is important to invest in good quality embroidery from the beginning. 


Typically when you think of logo embroidery, you think of a polo shirt. However, there are so many other articles of clothing and accessories that you can embroider! Instead of only offering your customers an embroidered polo shirt, try offering high-quality T-shirts and button-down shirts so your customers can promote your business logo at work, at the gym, or while running errands around town. You can also embroider your business logo on hats, bags, scarves, and aprons, or even throw pillows for your business’s waiting room or common areas. The possibilities of what you can embroider are endless!

You can find two main types of embroidery machines on the market:

Single needle  

These machines tend to be fairly easy to use, readily available online and in sewing shops, and much more affordable than multi-needle models. Basic models can cost as little as $200 to $300, but you need to pay closer to $400 or $500 if you want to advance beyond an entry-level model — high-end machines can cost more than $1,000.


Multi-Needle automatically changes colors, so no need to change threads manually. Tend to be faster and more precise than single needle models. These are between $2,500 and $10,000 — but bear in mind, these are professional-quality machines.

While it’s not essential you have a computer to use your embroidery machine, it will certainly give you more design options. Embroidery machines come with a set number of preprogrammed fonts and patterns, but you can find thousands more to download online, plus you can design your own if you have the right software. So, if you don’t use a computer, your choices will be much more limited.

Embroidery Printing

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