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Bring in the Future with Laser Engraved Promo Ideas

Dreaming of creative promotional ideas? Here we will help you with some laser engraved promo ideas that might be useful for you and your business. These are our top 5 ideas specific to each brand, audience, and event that we thought you might like to see a big list of cool promotional product ideas with broader appeal to really get your creative juices flowing. Bring in the Future with laser promo ideas!

Laser engraved products include: 

Real Estate signs – Family Established Signs, Cutting Board, Wine Bottle Holder, Wooden Spoons, and anything that comes to your mind we are here to help your dreams come true!  Laser engraved promo ideas go further than these! Feel free to go crazy. 

Custom leather bookmarks

Everyone finds bookmarks helpful and what would be better than a laser engraved bookmark that doesn’t fold and can be customizable? This is also a nice idea for a gift or a corporate order. 

Commemorable Frames

These I have seen all over Social Media! It is not just any frame you buy at Walgreens (which is more expensive) this actually has a significant meaning. Obviously engraved and customizable to your taste and desire. 

Coffee Cozies 

Laser Engrave a corporate logo, and you’ll have one good-looking promotional product for brands and agencies. One of our favorites here because we all love coffee! 

Custom Book Covers

This is something very unique and special. Beautify traditional note takers while giving extra protection by custom cutting a book cover with graphic elements and engraving. The results of both the living hinge and the color contrast with engraving are beautiful.

Laser Cut Cards

These greeting cards and invitations also have a sturdy backing and a neat little pop-out stand, because when something looks this good, chances are high that people will want to display them. 

laser engraved

Regardless of if you want an engraving machine for your personal or professional use, here is what you need to consider.

Price above everything else. The laser-engraved cutters and engraving machines we’re covering here range from just under $200 to nearly $10,000. So as you can see, there is a substantial price difference. 

Some of these laser cutters and engraving machines will only work on softer materials, such as leather or glossy applications you can place on mugs. Others will work with metal. This will play a very big role in what the right engraving machine is for you. If you want to engrave on metal there are very specific machines you need to consider.

 If you want to print only on leather or software materials there are other options out there. All Glowforge printers can accommodate materials measuring up to 18” deep, 20.4” wide, and 2” (50 mm) tall.

laser engraved promo

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