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St. Patrick’s Day Promotion Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and will be over before you know it so we will give you ideas that will help you with your brand and business. Don’t leave the success of your promotions to chance. We are going to help you Spark your creativity with some St. Patrick’s Day Promotion Ideas that might be of great use for you and your business. 

Themed Food 

We saved the best ideas for our Restaurant owners. One of the best ways to boost up some new clients and wow your old ones is to make Green themed food! Even though this might seem like something everyone is doing it is a tradition that can’t go wrong. Green pasta, green beer, green pastries, go crazy with your own ideas! This is also a good idea when you have kids because you can use this in your business and you can get home with some exciting leftovers for your family! Don’t forget to share your recipes with us via Instagram! 

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Themed Food

Daily Tips

We have a great idea of what any business owner can do and it is very easy. Writing daily tips on Facebook and Twitter or any social media platform. It can get you more traffic than usual and using some St. Patrick’s graphics will make it go with your theme. With this simple St. Patrick’s Day marketing strategy, you end up with content for all your social media pages. You can never post too much information for your audience. You can also create your own character and make it appear everywhere social media-wise. This could be helpful because people start to recognize it as part of your company pretty much like a team mascot. 

Discounts on Green Merchandise

Perfect for any store business owner. Any clothing or green article can be put into a discount for this day in particular only. You can also thank your customers by handing them green-themed necklaces that you can find at a very low cost. Pretty much anything you see that may seem related to this day you can use to your advantage and clients will be thankful. If you own a restaurant and don’t have any merchandise you can also include giving discounts on food or drinks. 

St. Patrick’s Merchandise

Dress up your staff 

Spark your creativity and get the cutest way to greet your customers by bringing a fun twist to your business. You can buy ready-made costumes or just themed hats, ties, shirts, or vests. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this either. Go to your nearest Dollar Store and they generally have anything holiday-related that is very inexpensive and it will give your staff a good twist. Does not necessarily have to be a T-shirt but any accessory would be good.

Dress Up Your Staff!

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia

Themed trivia is another way to boost social engagement. Ask questions about the history and legends surrounding St. Patrick’s Day, and give out prizes to the winners. This can be done in any type of business establishment. Besides Trivia games, you can also organize a Giveaway in your Socials. These have become really popular and you gain a lot of engagement because people start tagging other people and the post grows without you even trying. This has become one of the most popular social media skills to grow your audience. Don’t forget to do this! 


St. Patrick’s Trivia

Anything that you might think of St. Patrick’s Day related will be of a lot of help for your business and brand and don’t forget any idea is a good idea. Always try to go along with any holiday and keep up with them for the good of your business.

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