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How To Best Target Your Audience For Your Brand

Targeting your audience is a very important factor in order to have a successful brand. Once you identify who your audience is you get a bigger understanding of how to market your brand.  The better you understand your target market, the more you’ll be able to focus your ads and reach the audience most likely to convert into customers. 

One of the most important things to understand is that not everyone will be your audience unless you are Google. So it is very important to know your audience so you can dominate firmly. We will give you the best tips on how to best target your audience for your brand.

Audience For Your Brand


There are several tools that can be used to identify your audience for your brand. In all of the social media platforms if you have your brand as a business it gives you insights into female vs male audiences, ages, and location. Insights are an important way to keep track of how many views each post has or from what part of the world people are watching your page.

According to those three factors, you can start to work around them and start putting everything into context. Imagine you have a clothing line and 80% of your customers are female because you specialize in selling women’s clothes and then suddenly you start to upload male content that has nothing much to do with your brand. Your audience will start to lose interest and maybe even unfollow your site.

Social Media Analytics 

Mad Monkey Media specializes in Facebook Audience Insights that can be particularly helpful to growing your brand. Customer databases can also provide a wealth of information. You can’t assume that your overall customer demographics will match your target audience for social media sites. But understanding who’s already buying from you can help you understand who’s most likely to be interested in your social channels. 

Now you have a sense of who your audience might be and what they’re talking about online. So it’s time to find out where they already spend their time on social media. Let’s say that for example, your audience is millennials then your biggest target would have to be Instagram and Twitter rather than Facebook. If your audience is older than 40+ years you would have to focus more on the Facebook market. 

Google Analytics

You can also see which social posts are driving the most traffic to your site through Google Analytics. If you notice your Twitter posts drive way more traffic than your Facebook posts, this is likely a clue that your audience is more active on Twitter. 

Understand Your Competition

To better your brand you need to know who your competition is. This will help you post different content than them and offer a better deal for your customers. Always post interesting things for your audience rather than just uploading something to upload. 

Pay To Maximize Organic Content 

Although this might seem sketchy this actually helps a whole lot. As you focus on reaching your target audience for social media sites, you may need to adjust your organic and paid social content strategy. This helps reach a whole lot more new customers and maximize your views. 

There are many ways to target your audience and however, you decide to do so it is very important that you start as soon as possible. This will open all your doors and once you have identified who your audience will be then you can start promoting your brand or business. 

Mad Monkey Media is here to help you with all of this and we will help your audience grow as well. We are experts in targeting audiences and making the best content for our clients. We not only study what your brand wants but what it really needs. 

Sometimes we want to see something different or change things but it is not only about how pretty the content is. This requires studying your audience and what they truly want to see and how they want to see it.

We are here to help you.

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