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Videography For All Genres

Videography is found in any event we attend. Can you imagine any special moment like a wedding, birthday party, engagement, etc without good video footage? Having a good video makes you reminisce about better days. It transports you to the actual special day no matter if it was years ago. We will talk about Videography for all genres and its importance of it. 

The power of online published video is a much-talked-about thing. To advertisers, this was a full-scale video revolution year. 63% of businesses have begun video content marketing, according to statistics. Of these, 82% feel that video marketing is an important part of their strategy. Video moves fast and reach new heights more quickly than we think. 

What Videography Really Is

Videography is the art of taking video but knowing how to edit it perfectly. This is considered an art because it is complicated if you don’t know how to actually make videos. Videography is super important because without it we wouldn’t have movies, documentaries, or anything we see on the television. 

Corporate Videos 

These videos are made especially for businesses and corporations. It usually includes shots of the company and a voice-over speaking about the company accompanied by background music. 

Educational Videos

These videos are usually portraying a school or college showing off the campus and some of the students usually appear in these types of videos promoting why other students should study there. We’re pretty sure you have watched a Kaplan college commercial now and then.

Travel Videos 

In order for these to be filmed the videographer has to travel to multiple locations to shoot hotels, restaurants, and any tourist attractions for people to see this footage and actually want to go there. Videography is an art and its main purpose is for all of us to fall in love with what we are seeing through a monitor. 

Promotional Video or Video Business Card

Think of this as the movie trailer for your event. The promo video is often short, energetic, and a great way to get attendees excited. The video can be posted to your website, and social media platforms, and sent to registrant’s emails in the weeks leading up to the event. Creating a video showing a preview of the keynote speakers, entertainment, or panel discussions, and what attendees will experience will get them pumped and ready!  To go ensure your event videos are of value to you and your company, share them on a custom event video page, or somewhere on your website. 

Testimonial video

Have you ever gone to a wedding where the videographer asks you to say a couple of words like an interview with the groom and bride? This is something very special because at the moment they will not see this but once the full video is edited and ready to give out to customers it is something that they enjoy watching. Even if it’s just a short 10-second video it becomes funny and special to the person watching it. 

Mad Monkey Media offers a variety of packages that include videography for all genres. We can make any type of video for businesses or for something personal like weddings, quinceaneras, you name it. We offer the best quality services. Creatively imagined and expertly produced, our multimedia services deliver compelling visual content to bring your brand to life and connect you to your audience.

Also, videography does not necessarily have to be a personal moment for you it is also used for website content and commercials. Websites look way more professional when they use some sort of video footage on their main page. We also offer this service and help you create the best website with great video footage filmed and produced by us so you don’t have to steal content that already exists. 

MAD Monkey Video Production

  • Dedicated and trained staff
  • Client walkthrough of the project 
  • Complimentary discovery meeting
  • Thorough 90 min story-building session 

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