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How To Create Killer Content For Your Social Media 

Everything that’s seen on Social Media that looks pretty has probably gone through a long process of editing, and positioning and probably passed through a whole creative team. We will show you how to create killer content for social media here. 

There are 3.7 billion people worldwide who are actively using social media. They are using it for personal relationships and entertainment, for work and research, and for business communication so it is very important to create killer content for social media posts for your business and we will give you the best ways to do so. 

Strong Content 

This would be the main point that we have to focus on. People fall in love first with what they see through their eyes. Having good images and something eye-catching is the first thing we need to focus on. Only share quality content and do not post just to post. Know your audience to understand what they want to see. 


Create multiple visuals for your content, such as photos, images, infographics, gifs, and videos. Capitalize on all your visuals to share, reshare and repurpose your content. Visuals come hand-to-hand with what strong content is. 

How To Create Visuals 

Even if you are not a designer you can definitively create cool visuals that are made easy with some programs that are even free online. You do not need much experience in Photoshop or illustrator, you can still create nice things within your reach. 


Here on MAD Monkey Media, we have confirmed that using Hashtags in our posts increases our visibility. Hashtags are really important to use because more and more people can get to your page and see what service you are offering. There are also free pages that can help you create your hashtags and that tell you which are the most used. 


The importance of emojis is quite big. According to a study, emojis can increase your likes by 57% ( 33% more views, and 33% more shares! Amazing what these little buddies can accomplish and the best part is they make every post better, funnier, and easier to appreciate. 

Sharing Times Is KEY

Sharing time is a key factor in how your post can reach a bigger audience. Make sure to hit the rush hours on each network and the best time to post for maximum visibility. Always check and study what times are better for posting things. Usually, this changes depending on the algorithm but you can easily look this up online and it will get you the correct information. 

In conclusion, Cross-promoting rather than cross-posting your content across multiple social networks and communities will help you to get more reach and engagement for your posts. If you care about your audience and followers, you should take the extra time to tailor your message to not only the platform you’re posting to but your specific audience too. By using the right social media tool that helps you to customize and schedule your social media posts in one single workflow this will only take a few more seconds to go.

We can also help you do all of this work at MAD Monkey Media. We specialize in Community Management which includes content creation and making sure all your social media channels work correctly. Contact Us if you are looking for specific help in content creation for your business. We can also control your DMs and Private messages for your business. 

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